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Solü Technology Partners is a national technology staffing and solution provider. We work with businesses to source and retain the most talented technical professionals and deliver innovative solutions to real-world business problems.

Today more than ever, a business must adapt to compete. If your company is focused beyond the status quo and growth is a primary objective, you must be comfortable embracing technology. Our team members are seasoned technical professionals that are keenly aware of the impact that the right technology solution can have on your business. We work with you to identify your business objectives, custom tailor solutions to your unique needs, and continue to work with you as we deliver results.

Solü Technology Partners aims to be part of your extended team, serving as a trusted resource for your continued success. We are committed to being the strategic partner that you rely on for all of your technology staffing and service needs.

Why Choose Solü Technology Partners?

With so many Technology Staffing and Technology Services companies to choose from, why choose us?

We have access to an array of tools and technologies, as do many of our competitors; however, our history of success, selective hiring practices, and competitive compensation allow us to mobilize the best and the brightest in the technology sector to ensure that the solution you need is the solution you get.

No Outsourcing

Solü will NEVER outsource client work – not onshore, not offshore. Each project is handled by our in-house experts using our proprietary processes.

Dedication to Quality

At Solü, we go all the way. We have an unflinching dedication to quality in every facet of our business, from quality talent to quality service.

Custom Solutions

No company is quite like yours, so why should your technology solutions be the same? Each of our solutions is tailored to your business goals.

Outstanding Recruiting Record

Using our rigorous recruiting process, Solü is able to deliver the highest-quality candidates in less time.

Continuous Improvement

Solü always provides the most current and progressive technology available to meet your unique needs, and our teams are always looking for ways to improve our processes and your experience.


A laser-like focus on customer satisfaction, repeat business, and overall excellence in the face of changing technology are what make Solü an incredible asset to your company.

Our goal is to help you grow your business through the strategic use of technology. So, we take the time to understand your company inside and out.

Our staff live and breathe continuous improvement to ensure that we always deliver technology services that meet or exceed your expectations. We treat every client situation uniquely, knowing that the best solution is the one that addresses the specific challenges in front of you. We are committed to creating solutions that are customized and work to realize your business goals.

Our History

Over the past 20+ years, Solü Technology Partners has continuously evolved in response to client needs. To expand our national reach and accelerate growth, Solü Technology Partners acquired Scottsdale, Arizona-based, Technology Staffing Solutions in 2013. This strengthened recruiting and staffing departments and improved our ability to hire the best talent.

Today, Solü services the continental USA with regional offices in Arizona, Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Is Technology In Your DNA?

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