Four reasons why internships are important for students

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Part one of our internship program series: for students
Jun 28, 2021
Written by Sarah King, Operations Manager for Solü Technology Partners
In this two-part blog series, we discuss the importance of internships based on research and feedback gathered from our own internship program. Part one is for our students: why should you participate in an internship?

Internships are not just resume boosters. The benefits of doing an internship can last your entire career. A study from Gallup-Purdue, found that college graduates who participated in an internship were twice as likely to be engaged in their work and 1.5 times more likely to report high levels of wellbeing, than those who did not.

As the demand for software engineers grows companies want to see more than a degree on your resume. Internships should further your education in a real-world setting, giving you a competitive edge and help you standout when demonstrating your talents.

Below we have highlighted four important reasons why students should add an internship as a way to prepare yourself for your career:

Apply classroom learning to a real-world environment (Gain work experience)

Internships are a proven way to gain real experience in your field. Education is only one step toward becoming a great software engineer. An internship experience is where you will truly learn how to apply what you have learned in your textbooks to a professional environment.

The results of the Gallup-Purdue study also suggests that it is less important that a graduate attend an IVY league school, and more important that the student was involved in experimental learning opportunities that could adequately prepare them for their professional future.

Create networking connections

Networking isn’t just about gaining recommendations; it is about creating relationships with others in your industry. Having a network of industry professionals can help you make decisions about your career and provide you with opportunities in your field. In an internship, think about your manager as an industry mentor and your peers as your network of support upon graduation. We often see referrals come from friends, so it is essential to build this network before even entering the workforce.

Stepping-stone to a full-time job opportunity after graduation (competitive edge)

Internships provide you with the skills and experience to help employers notice you. It gives you a chance to show your future employer that you would be a good fit for their company. You are also demonstrating to the company that you are someone who has passion, drive and is motivated to learn.

Personal growth

Communication, punctuality, and time management are all skills that are needed to be successful at any job. In the best (or most challenging) internships, you will learn how to apply problem-solving skills and multitask while meeting deadlines, giving you a sense of responsibility. Internships give you an opportunity to hone your soft skills and build your confidence as a future full-time employee.

The benefits of participating in internships are undisputed. You have more to gain, and little (to nothing) to lose. We believe in creating an environment that is both challenging and rewarding, turning you from student to innovator. Apply today!


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