Four reasons to implement an internship program

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Part two of our internship program series: for companies
Aug 12, 2021
Written by Sarah King, Operations Manager for Solü Technology Partners
In a previous blog we discussed why it is important for students to participate in an internship program. In the second part of the series, we will explore the benefits of your organization creating a program, based on research and years of experience running a successful internship program at Solü.

Creating a successful internship program can provide your company with an array of benefits that you have likely never realized. Your organization can help shape students by giving them real-world experience; this also means they help with your growing workload. As tomorrow’s workforce, these eager students offer a fresh perspective, an extra set of hands and insight into a new generation of talented young professionals.

Discover and evaluate up-and coming talent

Having an internship program provides you with the opportunity to build a pipeline and trial run new talent for your company. When it comes to hiring new college graduates, we know there can be hesitation regarding if they will be a fit or possess the necessary skills. An internship program will allow you to assess the individual’s skills, motivation, and cultural fit prior to a permanent hire.

Recent studies report that 80% of graduating students accept offers from companies where they were previous interns. Your company will have a “leg-up” on the competition if you provide your interns with a rewarding and challenging experience.

Extra set of hands

Some schools or programs require internships, but many do not. So, the interns who are applying to your program are eager to learn and gain real-world experience. These students want to work on a project that they can add to their resume or speak to the work experience in future interviews.

Providing them with meaningful work will help both the interns and your company. For example, interns can be an extra set of hands on a project to help complete tasks and streamline time to delivery, giving the interns a sense of responsibility and saving your organization time and money.

Fresh Perspective

College students are usually learning the newest technologies and techniques. Implementing an internship program allows you access to this.

Additionally, they also have a way of challenging “the way it’s always been done” and bring fresh new ideas. Providing an intern with a supportive environment where their ideas are valued can help your organization evolve. Have you ever been stuck in a process or cannot think of a solution because you have been doing it the same way, or you are too close to it? An internship program that fosters creativity and allows their voice to be heard may just give you the solution you were looking for. Challenging these individuals to think outside the box only helps propel your organization forward.

Enhances company image/Supports community

How great would it be to tell people you are helping develop the younger generation of workers through real-world experience? Hiring local interns enables students in your community get a head start, while enhancing your local workforce. As a bonus, your internship program could be a cost-effective public relations tool. When your organization is showing support of students in your area, your brand becomes one people want to be associated with.

Lastly, don’t forget to give your interns swag! It will help increase your organization’s brand awareness on the college campuses and continue to grow your internship program.

Want to know more about our internship program? You can find all of the details on our internship page!


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