When Everyone is WFH

Quick Tips to Keep You and Your Team Flying High in the 2020 Workplace Written by Mark Chadbourne, Solutions Architect and Manager of Technical Development for Solü Technology Partners. Whether we are loving it, hating it, or somewhere in between, most of us in IT find ourselves working from home these days. Odds are most people we work with are, too, and will be for a bit longer. Check In Ever heard ‘Out of sight, … Continued

Culture, Community and our Commitment

Written by Mackenzie Spencer, Marketing Specialist for Solü Technology Partners. “Our company has grown tremendously over the years. When we first started opening new offices in locations outside of New York, I was apprehensive at first. We knew we would be challenged by new markets and we were eager to expand, but one thing that I would not sacrifice is the sense of culture and community we have created here in New York.” – President, … Continued

Changing Seasons, Changing Careers

Written by Kristy Ninfo, Recruiter Team Lead for Solü Technology Partners. As the seasons’ change and the year starts to come to a close, it is the time to reflect and look forward.   One of the key stressors in life can be making a career change whether anticipated or not.  The stress of the change and the unknown can be a lot for any individual. When do you know that you are ready for a … Continued

Business Analyst – The Team’s Interpreter

Written by Cheryl Murray, Business Analyst for Solü Technology Partners. I have become adept at explaining what a business analyst does. That’s because whenever I tell somebody that’s what I do, they inevitably ask, “And that is…. what exactly?” Sometimes I give a full explanation, sometimes it’s a variation on “it’s my job to think” …and once in a great while when I’m feeling feisty, I might say, “I analyze businesses, of course.” The reality, … Continued

Why do I need a Project Manager?

Written by Niki Stonelake, Project Manager for Solü Technology Partners.  proj·ect man·ag·er: (noun) the person in overall charge of the planning and execution of a particular project.[1] Why Do I need a Project Manager on my team? We are often asked why we would want to utilize a Project Manager or are they necessary for the project? Before we dive into why you need a PM, let’s look at what a Project Manager does outside … Continued

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