The importance of honoring Diversity in the workplace

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The goal today is to celebrate diversity rather than strive for conformity. When a company embraces and honors the unique attributes of their employees, they find it boosts employee confidence, increases morale and overall job satisfaction. However, before a company can promote diversity there are steps that need to be taken to uncover unconscious bias among employees and create an environment that allows for everyone to feel accepted. Unconscious bias is within everyone because our … Continued

Four reasons to implement an internship program

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Creating a successful internship program can provide your company with an array of benefits that you have likely never realized. Your organization can help shape students by giving them real-world experience; this also means they help with your growing workload. As tomorrow’s workforce, these eager students offer a fresh perspective, an extra set of hands and insight into a new generation of talented young professionals. Discover and evaluate up-and coming talent Having an internship program … Continued

Four reasons why internships are important for students

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Internships are not just resume boosters. The benefits of doing an internship can last your entire career. A study from Gallup-Purdue, found that college graduates who participated in an internship were twice as likely to be engaged in their work and 1.5 times more likely to report high levels of wellbeing, than those who did not. As the demand for software engineers grows companies want to see more than a degree on your resume. Internships … Continued

Facilitating a Virtual Interview

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The goal of the Solü interview process is to assess to what degree a candidate’s qualifications align with the job requirement as well as customer environment, culture, and values. As many companies, we have also had to adapt to the changing work environment to provide the same level of quality in a remote environment. Although remote interviews are not a new territory for our team, it is to many people. We have found that the … Continued

Navigating a Virtual Interview

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Setting the tone in the virtual interview is becoming more important than ever before. With the transition into heavily saturated remote-work landscape, it is seemingly difficult to come into a new organization without meeting co-workers face-to-face. We have outlined key factors to remember when participating in a virtual interview. Dress appropriately Dressing professionally creates a businesslike atmosphere which will convey your commitment to professionalism and shows that you take the interview process seriously. Dress as … Continued

Why Automated Testing is a Must in Today’s World

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It is important to understand your current testing structure prior to implementing automated testing. Do you have a dedicated software tester, or is the testing being done by the developers? If so, is that structure working for you? Make sure that testing responsibilities are in the most capable hands (with appropriate time on their schedules) before diving into automation. Automating your testing offers many benefits: Better Coverage of your Project By allocating the time and … Continued

Top Rated Technology Tools in 2020

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As we analyzed the data, we only considered the top three in each category, but please note that some of these tools have overlapping functionalities. Top rated Tools to stay Organized Azure DevOps: Microsoft’s SaaS platform that provides end-to-end DevOps toolchain for developing and deploying software. Azure DevOps was our number one ranking tool for overall organization, collaboration, and productivity! OneNote: The name says it all, OneNote is Microsoft’s note-taking software. It is essentially your … Continued

Innovation Made Easy

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COMPANY OVERVIEW A recognized leading provider of integrated human capital management solutions for payroll, benefits, human resources, and insurance services for small and medium sized businesses. THE CHALLENGE Give a critical application its first major overhaul since it was built in 2006. A leader in SMB Finance and Human Resources outsourcing was seeking to make major enhancements to a mature application with a large, established user base. Critical success factors included the addition of features … Continued