Customizable application development and testing services spanning the entire software lifecycle


These days, businesses have more options than ever when it comes to application development, delivery, and support. To help our customers maintain focus on their business, we offer custom application development and test services delivered by the brightest minds in technology and supported by our customer-first Agile processes.

Our years of experience and history of success in the face of an ever-changing technology landscape ensures that application development and testing services by Solü Technology Partners are the right choice for your business.

Solü’s Application Development and Testing Services Portfolio includes:

Development Services
Custom Software
Web Applications
Mobile Applications
Enterprise Applications
Websites and Microsites
API and Service Interface Development
Document and Content Management
Testing Services
Manual Testing
Mobile Testing
Usability Testing
Functional Test Automation
API and Service Testing
Performance Testing
Additional Services
Upgrades and Modernization

We have a vast amount of experience upgrading and eliminating legacy applications to improve efficiency and reduce risk associated with technical debt.

Maintenance and Management

We provide a wide range of support services that allow our customers to focus on their core competencies and benefit from improved responsiveness and reduced total cost of ownership.

Health Assessment Services

In addition to providing end-to-end application services, our experts are adept at assessing an organization’s application health and developing plans to realize measurable and continuous improvement.

Why Trust Solü With Your App Dev Needs?

Regardless of the application requirements or technology stack, our teams deliver results by combining industry experience and sound process with a focus on quality. We embrace customer-first Agile methods, coupled with modern application development and testing best practices and techniques, to ensure desired business outcomes.

Although we staff our teams with seasoned application delivery pros, we start every engagement by understanding your unique project and business goals. This allows us to identify key success criteria and customize our application delivery approach to maximize value to your organization.

Continuous improvement is at the core of our delivery model — it’s not just a philosophy, its applied in everything we do. Although our approach is built around process improvement, our people work with you, our partner, to identify the opportunities that matter most to you and to the success of your project.

Application Services Lifecycle

Deliver maximum benefits to your business with Solü Application Development and Testing Services:

Adjust Capacity Based on Changing Business Needs
Increase Ability to Use Technology Strategically
More Time to Focus on Core Business Functions
Access to Premium Technical Talent
Improve Overall Software Quality
Reduce Time to Market
Reduce Costs

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